How do I book a Birthday Party?

Call Us at 905-473-3246 , email or fill out the submission form on our website. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve the space. There is also a Pay Pal Deposit option on our website

Can I get a tour of the facilities?

If you would like to see the room and/or see the Barnyard Playland in person, please come in during hours of operation. As weekends are busy, weekdays are preferred.


Can you hold a spot?

A birthday party reservation is only complete with a deposit. What happens if I need to cancel my party? Cancellations result in loss of deposit.

What times are the birthday parties?

9:30-11:30, 12:00-2:00 and 2:30 -4:30


How many guests can your facility accommodate?

Each room can accommodate 30-40 guest comfortably.  We have 2 party rooms.

Guest count and food order is done the Wednesday prior to your party. At the time of booking, we do ask for an approximate guest count.

Do Parents have to Pay?

The 2 parents of the birthday child are included in the party package.  All additional adults pay a discounted rate.


Can I book an extra hour?

We do not recommend extra time in the room as most of the fun happens on the farm. After you have vacated the party room at the end of your time slot you are welcome to enjoy the farm until close.

Can I bring in my own food?

No outside food or drink is permitted. We make the exception for cake.


Is there storage for my cake?

Yes, there is a fridge/freezer in each party room.


It states cookies are included in the package for the children, but I am bringing a cake. Can I substitute?

NO substitutions permitted.

Are you a nut-free facility?

We do our best regarding cross-contamination however we are not a nut-free facility.


Are plates and cutlery provided? What about tablecloths?

Plates and cutlery are provided.  There are blue and red checkered tablecloths in each room, (one room red) (one room blue)


There is an allergy in our birthday party. Can I bring in food for this child?

Yes, only for the child with an allergy.


Can I bring in decorations?

The party rooms have a lovely simple farm decor. You are welcome to bring in decorations but in our experience with past parties they are not needed. You will have 10 minutes for set up in your room. We run 3 parties a day in each room so there is not much time allotted for set up.


What is the weather like in July?

Typically hot, however we cannot predict the weather. Please dress appropriately for the farm. There is no air conditioning in our party rooms.

What is the weather like in October?

It varies year to year. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what the weather will be on the day of your child's birthday party. Please dress appropriately for the weather. The rooms are not heated.


What happens if it rains?

We encourage you to include, "Please dress appropriately for the farm and weather." on your invitations. In the event of inclement weather, during the two hours of your party, your birthday party hostess will provide some activities for you.  The Barnyard Playland remains open (Jumping Pillows, Pig Races (fall) close with wet weather). In our experience as long as everyone is dressed appropriately everyone still has a good time.


Do you provide invitations?

The printable invitations will be sent to you by email.


My Birthday Party is at 2:30pm. Can I invite my guests to come earlier to play?

Of course! In fact, we strongly encourage you to invite your guests to come early as on the day of your party, you [and your guests] have access to the Barnyard Playland from 9:00am-5:00pm. Include on your invitations to meet at the Party Room for 2:30pm as this is the official starting point of your party.


On my invitations, where do I tell my guests to meet?

At the Market Entrance.

I have booked my party, now what?!

Invite Your Guests! Read the information sent to you and website! Look at the Adult Menu! 
Be prepared with the following information on the Wednesday prior to your party:

  • Number of children attending

  • Number of adults attending

  • Any additional food orders


Do I call the farm or will someone from the farm call me on the Wednesday?

We find email is best for all information needed. The farm is a very busy place and we can’t always get to the phone. Please email


I’m not sure all of my guest are coming, do I need to pay if they don’t show up?

Remainder of payment is due at the end of your time slot. The 8 child package fee will be due regardless but if you have added kids to your party and they don’t show you will not pay for them.


I just had a last-minute cancellation! Will I be charged for the number I provided on Wednesday?

You are only charged for the number of guests who attend.


I ordered food but I'm unsure if I've ordered enough. Can I order more on the day?

The farm can be very busy on weekends so extra orders may not get to you on time. It is best to have all your food ordered by the Wednesday!


When do I pay for my party?

Final Payment is due at the end of your time slot. If your party ends at 2:30 and you’re planning on staying to enjoy the farm, please come to the market to settle up, receive a gift for your child before you enjoy the rest of your day.