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All of our teachings comply to Ontario’s educational curriculum for Science & Technology as well as health and physical activity.

An exploration of the growing cycle provides an opportunity for children to learn about growing fruits, grains, and vegetables on the farm. The farmer will explain the importance of each season (Spring/Planting, Summer/Growing, Fall/Harvest, Winter/Rest).

Children will learn about grain seeds and their everyday uses. Farm animals and their habits will be explored with a walking tour of the animal pens. Lastly a wagon/train ride will give visitors a look at the whole farm operation, which includes an apple orchard, various fruit, vegetable and grain fields, the sugar bush and the opportunity to pick their own fruit or vegetables.

For the older children, we will explore a comparison of rural and urban life based on the unique perspective of farmers and farm life in the 21st century. As well, we will discuss the vast technology changes in farming over the years and investigate environmental issues such as climate change and its immense impact on growing food and healthy living.

Weekday Tours in March, May & June

MARCH Maple Sugar Tours include a Wagon Ride to the Sugar Bush, Educational Tour, Maple Sugar Samples, Activity Sheet, Hot Chocolate & the option to order Food.

MAY & JUNE Spring Tours include a Train Ride around the farm, a fun educational activity sheet, a planted seedling per child, and time for play in our Barnyard Playland.


weekday tours in September & october

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER Tours: Fall Harvest, Apples & Pumpkin Educational Tours include a Train Ride around the farm, a fun educational activity sheet, a pie pumpkin (or apple) per child, time in our barnyard playland, *plus 1 large pumpkin for your classroom.


*NEW* GINGERBREAD WORKSHOPS – Thursday & Friday in Nov/Dec

NOVEMBER / DECEMBER Tours: Gingerbread workshops run every Thursday and Friday from November 23 – Dec 22.  Workshops are GREAT for Preschool kids and young primary grades.  They include a Wagon Ride, Gingerbread Decorating, A hot Chocolate, A Holiday Puppet Show and a Craft.  Plan to come for 2 Hours beginning at 9:30 or 10am.  FABULOUS FESTIVE FUN!!

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