NOW ON: Strawberries!!

Brooks Farms offers a variety of seasonal pick-your-own fruit and pick-your-own vegetables. All of our produce is also available PRE-PICKED in our farm market for those who prefer not to pick.

Please note that for 2017, we will be implementing a MINIMUM PICKING FEE that must be prepaid before entry into our Pick-Your-Own fields.

For Strawberries:  Each customer must prepay $3.00/person entering the Pick Your Own Field.  This amount will be used as a credit towards all berries picked.
Example:  2 People picking at $3/ person is $6 to enter the field.  The customers pick $12 worth of berries (weighed in at $2.55/lb) minus the credit $6, so a balance of $6 is owing.

For Raspberries:  Each customer must prepay $4.00/person before entering our Pick Your Own Field.  This amount will be used as a credit towards all berries picked.


  • Please bring your own baskets or containers to pick into. If you’ve forgotten we offer (as a convenience) baskets to purchase for $1.50 each. This is for the basket only. Fruit is priced by weight, so you pay for what you pick.
  • There is a $3 prepaid charge per customer entering our Strawberry Fields ($4 for Raspberries).   This amount is credited towards the final amount of berries picked.
  • All customers entering the fields must have a basket or container to pick into.
  • Fruit must be purchased before consumed. Although we don’t mind you sampling a berry or two, if we permitted everyone to snack, we would not have a crop to sell. Think of this policy much as you would shopping in a grocery store, eating unpaid produce would be considered stealing.
  • Children are welcome in our fields, but the same rules apply. They must each have a helper container and understand our no snacking policy.
  • Strawberries should be rinsed thoroughly before eating.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the fields/conditions. A sun hat and sun screen is a must.
  • Pricing: Pick-Your-Own is generally about half the price of pre picked fruit.

June – July

Summer Strawberries

Mid June – Mid July
Fresh Strawberries are limited in our farm market.
Pick Your Own Pricing: $2.55/lb

Peas: Regular, Snow & Sugar Snap

Mid June – Mid July

Saskatoon Berries

Beginning of July
Price: $4.00/lb

July – August

Summer Raspberries: Purple, Red & Black


Beginning of July – Mid August
Price: $4.00/lb



Mid July – Mid August
Price: $4.00/lb

Red & Black Currants

Mid July – Mid August
Price: $4.00/lb

August – October

Raspberries & Strawberries: ever bearing

Mid August – Frost
Limited Picking

Apples: Ida Red, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Royal Gala

Beginning of September – End of September
Pick Your Own Pricing: 5lb bag $9.00, 10lb bag $15.00, 20lb bag $26
*Last day of Apples for picking Sunday October 4th, 2015

Squash: Acorn, Spaghetti, Hubbard & Butternut


Mid September – End of October
Price: $0.80/lb


PHOTO BY: MIKE POCHWAT UXBRIDGE - The Brooks Family Fun Farm located on the corner of Ashworth Rd and Durham 30 hosts a variety of fun activities for kids like tractor rides, pumpkin picking, a straw pyramid maze, zip lines, hay jumping, insane pig races and pumkin canons to name a few. Here, Sean Nicholas (8) and his sister Elise (6) pick out a pair of heavy pumpkins.

End of September – End of October
Range in Price from $1 – $10 (depending on size)

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