Why can’t I pick Asparagus?

Asparagus is picked early in the morning at 6am. We pick it systematically and carefully. In our experience too much damaged is caused to the plants when allowing guests to do the picking.

Do you have Skinny Asparagus?

There are more than 20 varieties of asparagus grown in Ontario and many more grown around the world. Many old varieties were extremely skinny, as well as Chilean and Mexican asparagus. We’ve been growing asparagus for 30 years and we find that the larger stalks are much more flavorful, and nutritious. Once you try it you will never look back!

Can I sample the fruit?

A taste is fine. We don’t mind customers trying a particular fruit to see if they like it, but eating is not permitted. Growing food is our livelihood. We can’t give it away or have people taking fruit that hasn’t been paid for.

Which is better: small berries or large berries?

Many customers say I only want the large berries. You are missing out!

Strawberries, for example, on average have the same amount of natural sugar. If a berry is small it can be much sweeter than a large berry. Also, you’ll find that by picking small, medium and large berries your basket will fill much quicker.

Why can’t I bring my dog?

We love animals, but yours may not like ours. We have more than 50 farm animals that do not need any outside stress such as a dog trying to get them.

How do I book the party room?

If you’re interested in the party room or booking a party consider your date and email birthdayparties@brooksfarms.com

Is the fruit sprayed? Are you an Organic Farm?

No, we are not “organic”. Sometimes a small amount of chemicals are required to prevent the crop loss. We have experiment with organic test plots but have been extremely disappointed as more than 50% of the crop either didn’t develop fruit (mites, clipper weevil, etc.) or were destroyed by mould.
Growing fruits and vegetables in a warm and humid farm in southern Ontario, our pests, weeds and moulds are very aggressive. We use many tools to disrupt the cycle of pests such as mechanical weeding, use of beneficial insects, proper plant pruning, but sometimes a chemical treatment is necessary. We only apply pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides when the damage or potential damage is too great to ignore. Field scouts collect samples twice a week to evaluate how a crop is doing great or under threat. This is called an “Integrated Pest Management” system IPM which has reduced our chemical needs by half.

How much fruit do I need to make jam?

Naturally, it depends on the type of jam but a very good rough number is: 2 quarts of ripe fruit for 1 batch of the good stuff

Why do I have to pay for baskets?

We do not profit from selling baskets. We sell them (at cost) as a convenience item for those folks who have forgotten their own. If you choose to use a basket and it becomes stained we cannot sell that basket to another customer. The best way of avoiding the cost of a basket is to bring a basket from home or any household container. We’ll weigh it up first, and then you can fill it to your heart’s content!

What’s the difference between the Playland and the Festivals?

Several times throughout the year we offer Special Festivals.  *Maple Sugar, Easter, Holiday Mash-up, Fall Fun Festival & Santa at the Farm*  These festivals include special attractions that are not offered weekly in our Barnyard Playland.  The Playland only cost is $10 / person – and this admission includes all the playland attractions.  Festival pricing is higher depending on the event.  During the Fall we run Pumpkin Cannon Shows, Pig Races, Live Music, Puppet Shows, & Wagon Rides on the weekend, and we charge $14 / person.

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