To ensure that each guest has a terrific experience at our farm we ask that you respect the following rules:

  1. All People in our fields must have a container and must be picking.
  2. No outside Food permitted in our fields or play area. 
  3. Our Farm is SMOKE free (including the parking lot)
  4. Our Fruit is not free and we do not allow eating. Please Pick, Pay and then Enjoy!
    For parents: it’s important to explain our policy to your kids.  If everyone of our customers ate an apple while in the orchard, we would have no orchard. 
    (Please our FAQs for further details)
  5. We encourage you to bring your own containers to pick into. If you forget, baskets can be purchased at the farm.
  6. No Dogs or Pets Permitted.
  7. Please use play equipment at your own risk. Although we do our very best each and every day to ensure the farm is safe, parents must be responsible for their children and keep an eye on them at all times.
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